Monday, 25 April 2011

Hall Stairs and Landing

I still can't believe Sean let me paint the hall in this colour, but i love it, every time i walk in the door from work, its the first thing i see and really brightens me up!
No more brown doors! Yipee!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

The 2nd Bedroom

This is the 2nd bedroom, the cool blue guest room. I love this room and is my favourite one of the house, it's just so relaxing as soon as you enter, and i painted the canvas' on the wall above the bed, i love them too. Since these photos were taken we have replaced the hideous brown doors with lovely fresh white paneled ones.

Bedroom 3

This is the 3rd bedroom, aka, The Craft Room! This is my escape space, and i love it! And there is still a bit of space to fit a little bed...

Seans escape room

Here is seans room, his gym!


Here is the finished result of the utility room and the downstairs loo. We didnt have any before photos of these two rooms. Before we started they had tiled walls, and the utility room had shelves on the walls and the previous owners had their fridge and freezer in here aswell as the original sink, and washing machine and tuble dryer. This is my getting ready room, i do my hair and makeup in here, while i eat my breakfast and listen to the radio, i love my utility room. Sean did the tiling in here and the loo, his very first time attemp and i think he did pretty good!!

dwarf walls please!

The next job was the porch, unfortunately i didn't get a photo of before, but basically, it had sliding doors and one post of bricks with a full length window down the side. So i liked the idea of dwarf walls, and two windows either side of the door. This was the first stage, you can see the original door in this pic. We wanted to make to hallway seem longer so we now have an little entrance way to our hall.

Doors in..
There is our new hallway entrance! Brilliant!

err... Mr blocked up the wrong bit!

My Dad was preparing to make a door here for a little understairs cupboard, so he marked it out and drilled some holes ready for the next day. But when we told the plasterer to 'fill in any holes you can see' we didnt think he would take it quite literally. He did.

Kitchen taking shape.. well the start of it!

In the kitchen, we decided to do quite a few things. One was knocking down the pantry, and removing the cupbard from under the stairs ( and make a little one from the hall way side), also move some doors around. So here is the kitchen as we started working on it, to the right you can just see the door to the pantry.
This is where the understairs cupboard was, which is now blocked up. And this is my Daddy making sure the buliders had taken the pantry down right!

Working Progress pictures of our home!

Well, its been a long time since my last blog, so i thought i ought to add some pictures of our home!

This is where it all started. In the living/dining room. We had the hatch from the kitchen blocked up and plastered, also the electric sockets moved and moved the radiators from underneath the windows.