Monday, 12 July 2010

Where have i been!

Things have been pretty crazy and i have not had much time to enjoy my crafting for about a year now. Even though my amazing fiance has given me the 3rd bedroom in our new home, and said it can be my 'Craft Room', on the terms that he can use the garage as a gym! So i did not argue because although i love crafting i hate having to unpack everything to make just one card, the have to pack it all up into box's again. So my craft room has been ready for use for 5 months now, but i think i have only made 3 of 4 cards in that time! One thing i do keep titivating with up in the room is my wedding invitations, i made all my save the dates with crafting buddy, Roxy. And now im racking my brians trying to perfect the invitation.
So instead of my blog being a craft blog, im going to post pics and updates of our new house. Beofre, during and after.
Hope you like xxxxx

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